Sifnos studios apartments

DSC_0025DSC_0008At theDSC_0014[1] 20130703_150708picturesquely traditional point of Patsana,in the Apollonia area of Sifnos island,Patsana Studios,can be found.

The rooms are equipped with the choice of air conditioning and ceiling fans or both, fridge,TV ,Wi Fi access,and a breezy verandah overlooking the breathtaking view of Artemonas village,one of the most traditional settlements of the Cycladic islands.

Not only can the guest overlook the windmills at the top of the village,but the sea to his right as well.Sifnos-studios11
The particular location combines the short walking distance to the center of the capital of Sifnos, cosmopolitan  Apollonia, and at the same time the unique peace and tranquility, specifically to be enjoyed at night .It is what we call «The melody of silence».

Moreover, with this position there is nearby access to frequent bus routes towards all
destinations. Therefore, each day you have a different choice of beaches, and at the same time, you do not need transportation to enjoy the night Sifnos-studios17spirit of Apollonia.
Also,the setting is dominated by stairs and narrow alleyways surrounded by stone walls.

In other words,Patsana Studios promises what exactly makes Sifnos charmingly different from the other islands,therefore making it a unique choice for unforgettable holidays…Our continuous repeaters have enjoyed all the above features of a Patsana Studios experience.

Sifnos-studios4As far as daily cleaning and sanitary service are concerned,together with the warm Sifnian hospitality,there is no doubt about their high levels.

As far as the cost of stay is concerned,its constantly reasonable,in terms of the quality offered.

Finally,keep in mind that the best and shortest access to the studios is from GEFIRI bus station(It is the next immediate stop after Apollonia,and you should notify the bus driver to stop at this point).Our so many repeaters have been constantly referring to how convenient our location is,to get the finest impression of the island.

Our ultimate aim has always been sweet and unforgettable Sifnian memories.